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About Us

Who are we?

BRAINSUM is a Drupal focused web design and development agency. We are present on the European market since 2002.

Why to choose us?

  • Our strength is building complex, highly customized web applications, system integrations.
    The online platform for Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations (IOTA) is one of them. The delivered project is an intranet news portal and communication platform, connecting official tax authorities from among the 47 member countries in Europe (like HM Revenue & Customs (GB), Eidgenössische Steueverwaltung ESTV (CH), Bundesministerium der Finanzen (DE) etc.). The CASE STUDY
  • We love innovation and future-proof solutions. Our first Drupal 8 project ( was launched on 10th of April, 2015
  • We have clients in the finance and insurance industry and in many other sectors
  • We are experienced in development and management of high-traffic DRUPAL portals and e-shops (e-commerce) like:,,
  • Our creative team is outstanding e.g.,,,
  • We also provide hosting, support and maintenance for the projects we develop.


Drupal Online Attendance Attendance Attendance!

Acquia Community Partners

Acquia Partnership

We are proud to be an official Acquia Partner.

Drupal Association Organization Member

Drupal Association Membership

We are proud to be an official Organization Member of Drupal Association.

Drupal Stories

Professional Blog

Check out our Drupal BLOG: DRUPAL STORIES.

We have collected sites built in Drupal 8. Look after the most innovative pages on

Slovak Drupal Association

Slovak Drupal Association

Our Key Account Manager is the Board Member of Slovak Drupal Association.

Participation at Drupal Events

2016 – Presentation at Drupal Weekend Hungary

2016 – Presentation at Drupal Weekend Hungary

Our CTO, Peter Pónya was presenting about the differences between Drupal and Laravel at Hungarian Drupal Weekend in Budapest

2016 – Presentation at Slovakian Drupal meetup

2016 – Presentation at Slovakian Drupal meetup

Our CTO, Peter Pónya had a live stream session about Drupal 8 CMI's at Slovakian Drupal meetup.

2015 – Presentation at Hungarian WebKonf

2015 - Presentation at Hungarian WebKonf

Our CTO, Peter Ponya had a presentation about configuration management in Drupal 8 at Hungarian WebKonf.

2015 - Presentations at Drupalaton

2015 - Presentations at Drupalaton

Márk Kiss and Gergely Pap were presenting about Drupal 8 comparing it to other frequently used systems.

DrupalCon Prague

2013 - Presentation at Drupalcon Prague

Route planning with Drupal by Péter Pónya at DrupalCon Prague


2012 - Presentation at Drupalaton

Facebook apps and Drupal by Tamás Szanyi at Drupalaton

Sponsored events

DrupalCamp CS

2016 - Gold sponsor

at DrupalCamp Czechslovakia

Drupal Weekend Hungary 2016

2016 - Bronze sponsor

at Drupal Weekend Hungary

Drupal od Podlahy

2015 – We were sponsors of

the course „Drupal od Podlahy”

Drupalaton 2015 Keszthely

2015 - Diamond sponsor

at Drupalaton Keszthely

Drupalaton 2014 Keszthely

2014 - Gold sponsor

at Drupalaton Keszthely

Drupal Developer Days Szeged

2014 - Silver sponsor

at Drupal Developer Days Szeged

Drupal Weekend Hungary

2012 - Bronze sponsor

at Drupal Weekend Hungary