About us

We develop high level digital experiences
Brainsum office

Enterprise Grade Open Source

We deliver and maintain cutting edge solutions for large companies and organisations based on open source technologies.
Forgot the licence fees and vendor lock-ins.
Gain real quality and transparency.

Open Source Has Won

Those who transform sooner will become the new winners.

Key services

  • Development of complex, highly customized web applications, portals
  • Analysis and re-planning
  • SLA guaranteed response times and availability
  • Maintenance
  • Automated testing
  • Support
Drupal 8

The open source enterprise content management system

  • ReactJs

    Decoupled frontend for better web UIs and hybrid mobile apps

  • Laravel

    For lightweight, tailor made web apps

  • NodeJs

    Realtime backend for web or mobile apps

  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Pattern Lab
  • Behat
Brainsum team

Company values

Long-term partnership: custom development, UX/UI, managed hosting, maintenance and support SLA, consultancy.

We love innovation and future-proof solutions.

Let's Create Something Great Together

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