Wordpress (Gutenberg) page editor in Drupal

WP's default Gutenberg editor is an intuitive, yet highly flexible page editor that exists as an independent open-source project, and has meanwhile matured and become popular, with integration into Drupal as well.

Zsófia Alföldi |

UX Processes in motion: Our pain points as we see them - Part 2

In the previous post, we dealt with finding the relevant users for the research. Let’s continue our UX Research journey to a magical place, the city of Perfection where pain points and bottlenecks are just words people have never heard of. But to get there, we must visit some of them along the way and find a solution. 

Zsófia Alföldi |

UX Processes in motion: Our pain points as we see them

Following Master Yoda’s wise advice: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” - We at Brainsum are definitely not just trying, but doing it. However, as with every process, we do experience many pain points along the road.

In this blog post (Part 1 of 2 posts), I am going to explain the first and most painful bottleneck we often face (sometimes day after day) and the solution which help us move in the right direction.

Peter Pónya |

How AI Raised Our Efficiency by 27%

We’ve been using multiple AI tools since their inception. We subscribed to ChatGPT and Midjourney and found them extremely useful in many scenarios. While ChatGPT proved its capabilities as a general writing assistant it wasn’t that accurate and up-to-date in coding. Midjourney turned out to be the best generator of illustration images - just check the one generated for this post. Now I’m writing about Github Copilot, the "AI pair programmer". Our initial goal was to experiment and evaluate to learn what’s the real value behind the hype.

Riley Cunningham |

Thoughts before heading off to Lille for DrupalCon

It’s yet again that exciting period of time, in which last minute tasks are crunched in the final week before heading out abroad for another round of DrupalCon festivities.  This year’s DrupalCon in Europe is being held in Lille, France, near the border with Belgium.  Having never been to this region of Europe before, I’m curious what the city has to offer and how the city vibe will resonate with all walks-of-life Drupalers traveling to one meeting point.

We’ve had another great year at Brainsum working on ambitious projects that run the gamut of client needs, one of which -, a social platform - is going to be showcased in a session.  Here’s what I’m looking forward to next week:

Istvan |

How it feels to install Drupal 10 as an UX designer

Is it easy for a newcomer to install Drupal 10 in a local environment in 2023? With notes and feelings during the installation, I will break down the steps taken to achieve the installation.

Attention, I'm a UX guy :)

Peter Pónya |

How to Quickly Transform Your Drupal Site to a Mobile App

Creating mobile experiences indistinguishable from native mobile apps with web technologies is a reality. The process of developing a mobile app is easier than ever. And if your site lives on Drupal, you can quickly transform it into a mobile app with minimal development. We recently managed this process for two websites, both are now available on the App Store and Google Play. In this post, we shared some key takeaways from the experience.

Peter Pónya |

Connecting Drupal to the HubSpot CRM v3 API

HubSpot describes itself as ‘the worldwide leader in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service/support training.’ It is a very popular CRM solution. In mid-2022, HubSpot's API and Drupal were disconnected, leaving hundreds of customers without a connection between their website and CRM due to a conceptual change in HubSpot’s new API. 

We found ourselves among those struggling with this change. Driven by our commitment to open-source solutions and sustainable practices, we rose to the occasion and lent a hand to the Drupal community by creating a working integration module.

Peter Pónya |

Our approach on upgrading Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10

The still widely used 7th version of the Drupal CMS will reach End Of Life on January 5, 2025, then all Drupal 7 sites will become potentially vulnerable as they won't receive any security updates. The technology stack powering Drupal 7 sites is usually outdated, so keeping Drupal 7 sites in production is becoming more and more risky and painful which is very understandable in the light of the age of Drupal 7: it was released first in 2011! 

This post outlines our process of upgrading Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10.

Riley Cunningham |

Dyslexia Mode: an effective accessibility improvement

Dyslexia, a lifelong disorder, makes reading/spelling a challenge for about 10% of the population (according to The British Dyslexia Association (BDA)). The disorder impacts accurate and fluent word reading and spelling.