Peter Pónya | February 9th, 2023

Our approach on upgrading Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10

The still widely used 7th version of the Drupal CMS will reach End Of Life on November 1, 2023, then all Drupal 7 sites will become potentially vulnerable as they won't receive any security updates. Even if the community would prolong the support once again, the technology stack powering Drupal 7 sites is usually outdated, so keeping Drupal 7 sites in production is becoming more and more risky and painful which is very understandable in the light of the age of Drupal 7: it was released first in 2011! 

This post outlines our process of upgrading Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10.

Riley Cunningham | January 31st, 2023

Dyslexia Mode: an effective accessibility improvement

Dyslexia, a lifelong disorder, makes reading/spelling a challenge for about 10% of the population (according to The British Dyslexia Association (BDA)). The disorder impacts accurate and fluent word reading and spelling.

Peter Pónya | October 7th, 2022

Measuring web performance

We are believers of the well-known phrase “performance is a feature”. Performance influences engagement, conversion rates, and should be considered inseparable from the general user experience. Speed is also a ranking factor in Google. On a professional level, we need to take performance optimization seriously while keeping the focus on delivering business value. Without standard metrics and tools, performance optimization can easily become an endless journey in which you can only stop but never reach your destination. Recently, we’ve done a thorough review of our standards, internal goals, and tools to measure web performance.


Riley Cunningham | September 20th, 2022


Back in 2019, one of our digital partners, SwissTomato, brought us a new and exciting opportunity. We were challenged with implementing a new notification system for the website of GLAD network ( The GLAD Network (The Global Action on Disability Network) coordinates with bi- and multilateral donors for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action and international development.

Peter Pónya | May 27th, 2022

WebP - The Right Way and The Wrong Way in Drupal

WebP is the most supported next-generation image format. The average WebP file size is 25%-34% smaller compared to JPEG file size at similar quality. WebP offers all key features, that until now have only been available only through a variety of image formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Anett Pónya | July 12th, 2021

Jump into hybrid or fully online education with Opigno!

You will now come across a slightly different kind of writing style on this blog, as you can now get to know Opigno, the online learning management software based on the Drupal content management system through the eyes of an expert who is not a developer and comes from outside the Drupal world completely. Opigno is a response to an educational need, and you need to know its history and future. The world is changing at a relentless pace, our opportunities are becoming wider and more diverse. My name is Anett Pónya, I hold a master’s degree in Educational Science and I’m also a certified Google Educator.

Peter Pónya | July 17th, 2020

Selecting the right Drupal version from 7, 8 and 9 with matrix for decision-makers

Update as of 28th of September 2022: Drupal 8 is EOL, thus Drupal 9 is the go-to version for all new projects. Drupal 7 EOL has been extended to November 1, 2023.

July 17, 2020

Now that Drupal 9 is available there are 3 supported major versions of the Drupal CMS. This is not an easy situation for many decision-makers. We’ve been working with Drupal since core version 4. Let’s break down the differences between these three different versions of the Drupal CMS to help you better understand what fits your needs and gives you the best opportunity to have an effective website that delivers you value.

Peter Pónya | May 4th, 2020

Huge media libraries cost-effectively in the cloud

We are experienced in building DAM (Digital Asset Management) platforms using the open-source Drupal 8 CMS. We have developed a distribution, meaning it’s quick and painless to set up. Our latest achievement is to plug our DAM to the relatively inexpensive and reliable AWS S3 or Spaces storage services to store terabytes of images, videos, or other types of media assets.

Peter Pónya | January 11th, 2020

We’re packed with innovations and new technologies for 2020

The year 2019 went pretty well in BRAINSUM. We’ve worked a lot, and learned a lot. We've now gained expertise using innovative technologies offering lots of business potential for our clients.
In this post I’d like to briefly introduce how can we bring even more value to our Clients in 2020 with PWA, SPA, Accessibility, REMP, Integrations and Open Source.

Dominika Péterová | November 14th, 2019

CRM integration - 5 takeaways from the PM's perspective

In early 2018 we did a site remake for the Trigo Group, and as part of it we took over the sales lead management from the legacy system. This way we stored personal data in the Drupal for a giant company with many branches in dozens of countries and even more sales colleagues. But as the company grew, a more mature CRM system was needed to handle all the requests. Today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of starting the planning phase of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration into our Drupal system and due to this event, we share our experiences and lessons we've learned from a project management perspective.