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UX Processes in motion: Our pain points as we see them

Following Master Yoda’s wise advice: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” - We at Brainsum are definitely not just trying, but doing it. However, as with every process, we do experience many pain points along the road.

In this blog post (Part 1 of 2 posts), I am going to explain the first and most painful bottleneck we often face (sometimes day after day) and the solution which help us move in the right direction.

Hard to reach / find the relevant users

ux workflow - discovery

Right at the beginning of the UX Research we find ourselves with serious questions: How are we going to find the relevant users? Once we have found them, can we gather enough information in a relatively short period of time? 

People are busy. Scheduling user interviews takes time. Unfortunately it is very easy to get carried away, thinking there is still time, when in reality there isn’t. Not to mention the evaluation of these interviews which - in case we want to do a proper job - can triple the time spent on mapping the needs of the users.

We rely heavily on the clients' experiences and suggestions. While of course we do our research, it is important to hear what the stakeholders have to say about their users. 

I am positive that there are many ways to solve or improve this part of the UX process, what works for us the best is to be clear and straightforward with our clients right at the beginning:

Secret hint

Ask for the groups of users they deem important, and make sure they are aware of the process. Prepare contacts for us from each group, even before the first kick off meeting. This way we can spare valuable time, and focus on what’s important: Conducting these interviews

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