How we work

We help every project to become unique and we create business value. How do we do that? 

We simply listen to your goals, your ideas, then we ask. We ask many questions and go through many scenarios.

We empower the strengths of your concept with our web technological and UX expertise, but also draw attention to possible pitfalls.

We want you to succeed, therefore we do everything for you to stand out by finding the best solution fitting your target audience and your wallet. Got interested? See how we do that.

Following the Design Thinking approach

First of all, we need to understand the 'why'. There are many great ideas out there, but only a handful of them succeeds, because the majority lacks in clear motivation, they focus only on the outcome.

We facilitate client workshops, where we define goals, set milestones, ideate, and prototype together.

We do user researches to understand the target audience and their behavior.

Business-tailored solutions

We seek uniqueness in every idea. We have great experience in building corporate websites with integrations, news portals, intranets, e-shops, content-heavy web applications nonetheless, they are all different. Why? Because their audiences vary. And that's what we keep in mind when designing and developing your product - guiding the users to solve their problems in the most intuitive way.

Using agile methodologies

We divide our project management methodologies for development-heavy and maintenance/support-heavy parts. For the development-heavy parts, we use Scrum, so we can properly plan our iterations ahead and deliver the promised features by the end of each sprint. For maintenance or support-heavy projects, we prefer to use Kanban. This means we do not work in pre-defined sprints but handle the issues in a more instant way.

A team of experts work together on your project

Ensuring a dedicated team

The team includes usually a lead developer, backend and frontend developers, and a primary contact person. This person is habitually the project manager, who can be contacted directly in case of questions or issues. They also delegate the tasks between the team members and are responsible for the project delivery internally. In the case of special requests, we involve our internal specialists in the feature delivery as well.

Working side-by-side with the PO

The Product Owner is a key player in every project: they represent the client, set the priorities, answer all the relevant questions, provide feedback from the stakeholders, and acknowledge the demonstrated work at the end of the sprint. Therefore, mainly at the beginning of the project, our business analysts work closely with this person to make sure, that all the aspects are being revealed during the planning and every necessary information is incorporated by the developers.

Stepping in where others give up

We never say that something can't be done. We may stress that it's not worth the time or money, but technically, everything is feasible and we always find a way to prove it. We took over many projects where there was no hope to deliver the feature in a given way, or for a given time, or fitting into a given budget. And yet, we made it happen.

Keeping track of ETA

Instead of the waterfall approach, we work with indicative offers based on time and material. However, defining a budget cap is always an option for the client. We calculate the ETA (estimated time of arrival) at the end of every sprint. By doing so we know exactly how long will it take to achieve the desired first marketable product and how much will it cost you. By having this information you can confidently prioritize the scope.

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