Presenting at Webkonf

Presenting at Webkonf

On the 14th of November our CTO, Peter Pónya held a presentation at the WEBKONF in Budapest about Drupal 8 CMI. The acronym stands for configuration management initiative.

The configuration includes components like content types, image styles, fields, views and settings. However, the content is related to nodes, users, comments, menu items and different taxonomy terms. The CMI solved the version tracking and deployment of Drupal 8 configuration with standard technologies (YML) and tools (drush), suitable for automation

We believe these possibilities make Drupal 8 an outstanding CMS framework.

To read more about them please click HERE.
You can watch the whole presentation on THIS link.

You might ask that what is the difference between configuration and content in this aspect?

Péter Pónya
CTO, co-owner

I'm an experienced backend developer and as a CTO, I'm also responsible for outlining and evaluating technical solution proposals and strategic approaches.

Published at: October 14th, 2015