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Új Szó is the largest newspaper, both in print and online, of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia with around 800,000 RU and 14M PV monthly. more case studies ›

About the client is part of News and Media Holding, the largest publishing house in Slovakia.

800 visitors

per month

14 million pageviews

per month

Project background

We’ve been in a partnership with the largest Hungarian daily news portal in Slovakia since 2008. We’ve gone through a lot since then. First, we replaced an old legacy system with Drupal 5, then upgraded it to Drupal 6, later on to 7.

After version Drupal 7, the decision was made to upgrade the system to Drupal 8 and migrate hundreds of  thousands (more than 800.000) of articles from the old system. Thanks to the continuous maintenance the site is currently running on the latest stable Drupal 9 and is being prepared for a smooth transition to Drupal 10.

Responsiveness, easy-to-handle admin UI and flexible content management layouts were implemented. Improving the performance was one of the key points as we are talking about a portal used by approximately 800k readers monthly.

Overall, we aimed to develop a likeable platform on which users can spend quality time.

Special & custom features

  • React based galleries and quizzes for better UX and maximum engagement.
  • Advanced Varnish based caching and SOLR based listers for maximum performance.
  • Live stream of short posts with real-time (push) publishing with Node.js.
  • 24h Minute to minute lister of articles and posts.
  • Complex and smart article scheduling and positioning system based on React.
  • Custom implemented layout builder for categories and tags.
  • Modern and high-quality image format (.webp).
  • Hierarchical workflow process of article publishing for editors.
  • Migrating approx. 800,000 articles from D7 to D8+.

API integration

We implemented data API integration for Google Analytics and consequently offloaded expensive calculations, such as the top visited content over certain periods of time.

React-based quizzes and galleries

For the best user experience and also for maximum performance and scalability, we've implemented photo galleries and quizzes with React. We've gathered much positive feedback on image quality also thanks to the Webp format.

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