Online newsportal

Online newsportal

Client part of Petit Press, the biggest publishing house in Slovakia

Project background

Since 2008, when our partnership began with the biggest Hungarian daily news portal in Slovakia we went through a lot: first we replaced an old legacy system with Drupal 5, then upgraded it to Drupal 6, later 7. Finally, last year the decision had been made to upgrade and remake the portal in Drupal 8 following the newest trends, not just visually but technically too.

Transparency, responsivity, easy-to-handle admin UI and flexible content management layouts were the main expectations. Improving the performance was one of the key points since we are talking about a portal used by cca 640 K readers monthly.

Overall we aimed to develop a likeable platform where users can spend quality time. Following this vision we started the first consultations and planning in May 2017, going fully agile with the project.


About the client

Új Szó is the only printed Hungarian daily news in Slovakia. Their online platform is the most read one with 640 K visitors monthly.

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