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Are you still in the brainstorming phase, where feasibility and time to market matters?

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Types of consultancies

Digital business-level consultancy

In case you have a project or feature idea, but you are not sure it can make it to the market, we involve our business analysts to help you out. We ask a series of questions, take a look at your business and the potential competitors. Then we give you a rough estimation of the costs of delivery, so you can decide whether you want to go for it.

UX and design validation

When all the visuals are ready, and the technology to realize them have been chosen, there is nothing left than to implement them. Unless you want to avoid the dead-ends and save yourself some development costs. We review the design materials, point up the risks, and suggest alternative solutions to achieve the initial goals.

Technical consultancy

You can rely on us whether you have questions regarding the hosting or cloud infrastructure providers, doubts about the chosen technology or development approach, or when you want to boost your performance. We can increase your KPI metrics or suggest you professionals who can support your business through SEO and marketing.

Our partners said about us

Kaisa Nummela

I’ve always felt that you are very committed to helping us and always ready to work hard to get things done or solve any issues.

Kaisa Nummela

Portfolio owner, Digital channel


Ruben Teijeiro

Good technical and architectural mindset, which is essential for software product development.

Ruben Teijeiro

Co-founder of YouPal Agency

Den Howlett

The team works hard to ensure they understand requirements and make us think carefully before committing!

Den Howlett

Founder of Diginomica

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