Support and maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for the project including security updates and support for editors or even development if it’s needed.

Once the new site has been launched and the intense development phase has come to a slower volume, we usually switch to a maintenance contract. This covers all upgrades needed to the content management system, optimization of the new site, and addressing any glitches found after the launch. 

We propose to allocate fixed work hours per month with guaranteed response times. This provides us with a decent amount of capacity to deal with support issues, or even smaller tweaks and improvements on top of the regular security updates.

Agile and maintenance

we use the Kanban methodology for this purpose which maximizes the throughput and minimizes the reaction time of the team. When there is a higher maintenance and development plan we also set monthly goals and work towards them while keeping an eye on the monitoring system and client support requests.

Our support process

  • We delegate a primary contact person, who is in touch with the client.
  • We provide a central email address per client for new requests.
  • In some cases we open Slack channels for our clients as well.
  • First we always verify confirm the incoming issues back to the client, then based on assessment we create a ticket.
  • We use Jira track support tickets on Kanban boards.
  • The client is notified about the status updates of the tickets.

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