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pedro |

Connecting Drupal to the HubSpot CRM v3 API

HubSpot describes itself as ‘the worldwide leader in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service/support training.’ It is a very popular CRM solution. In mid-2022, HubSpot's API and Drupal were disconnected, leaving hundreds of customers without a connection between their website and CRM due to a conceptual change in HubSpot’s new API. 

We found ourselves among those struggling with this change. Driven by our commitment to open-source solutions and sustainable practices, we rose to the occasion and lent a hand to the Drupal community by creating a working integration module.

dpeterova |

CRM integration - 5 takeaways from the PM's perspective

In early 2018 we did a site remake for the Trigo Group, and as part of it we took over the sales lead management from the legacy system. This way we stored personal data in the Drupal for a giant company with many branches in dozens of countries and even more sales colleagues. But as the company grew, a more mature CRM system was needed to handle all the requests. Today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of starting the planning phase of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration into our Drupal system and due to this event, we share our experiences and lessons we've learned from a project management perspective.