UX research & design

We believe that UX research and design is the most efficient when in constant cooperation with the developer team.

Why work with us?

  • We understand your challenges.
  • We work alongside your team.
  • We cover the whole process, from business analyse to pixel-perfect product delivery.
  • We believe that UX research and design is the most efficient when in constant cooperation with the developer team. That’s why we keep them close from the very beginning.

Our UX approach


We evaluate your business as a whole, not focusing only on the problem. We understand the complete customer journey and identify the gaps, and also the peaks in it.


We follow the ‘user-first’ approach, which means we always ask ourselves: Are we acting in the best interest of the users? Are we answering their problems? Are we serving their motivations?


Instead of jumping to a conclusion based on prior experiences we rely on the user’s feedback and on data. Every project is different, therefore every target group differs. We provide suitable and unique business solutions

From business analyses to pixel perfect product delivery

We discovered, that the most efficient way to build a product is when the developers are involved in the whole process. Knowing the budget and the timeframe we can design the product that serves the users and at the same time won't cause a headache for the developers. By minding these factors we can come up with an affordable solution, so every involved party will benefit from it. Let's see, how do we do that.

Our UX process

1. Observe

We collect all the data that is already available from Google Analytics, Hotjar records, Parse.ly, public forums, etc. We dive-in in these and look for patterns, that can help us in defining the user's goals, motivations, and behavior.

2. Ask

First, we hold a workshop with the client where we clarify the business needs, the target audience, the KPIs, and other relevant metrics. Then we turn our focus to the users. We do user interviews to gather information about their problems and motivations in the given topic, ask them until we covered all the major aspects of the product.

3. Evaluate

Once the data has been gathered, we evaluate them. We create the user personas, customer, and user journeys based on the data, brainstorm on the possible features ideas with the developers and present our findings to the stakeholders. We involve the dev team in this early stage of ideation, so they can share their valuable experiences and draw attention to possible pitfalls.

4. Design

We start with the wireframes so we can visualize the main journeys, highlight the focus areas, and test them. Once the wireframes are approved by the users, we draw the final designs. If it is needed, we can help in the UX copywriting as well or guide the copywriters to define the tone of voice.

5. Iterate

We conduct usability tests on the target audience and incorporate their feedback into the designs, until we have a final version that is approved both by the users and the client. We use several methods to conduct user experience researches based on the product goals, the circumstances and the user personas.

6. Cooperate

Once the visuals are ready, we take part in briefing the developers and have an eye on the project for the rest of the development.

We understand your users!

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