Web development

Our strength is building complex, highly customized web applications, system integrations in Drupal, the no. 1 open source enterprise Content Management Framework.


Web site development

We understand the needs and workflows of our enterprise-level customers and easily adapt to them in order to achieve their digital goals. Whether it is a corporate website, web application, an ERP integrated e-shop, or a complex news portal.


News portal

We've more than a decade of experience in building and maintaining news portals. Our first ones were built on Drupal 4.7, the largest one has cca. 1 million articles now running on Drupal 8. We know how to scale up to reach global audiencies and added cutting-edge features like PWA (app-like behavior, offline mode and more), text-to-speech, and custom placement schedling widget for large editorial teams. We understand the challenges of the online media and publishing industry, that's why we started to work with the REMP (Readers’ Engagement and Monetization Platform), a paywall and subscriber management platform and its integration with Drupal.


Technologies we use

We are building decoupled, as well as classic, coupled projects. We always analyze the business needs first and recommend the right approach from statically generated full Jamstack through progressive decoupling to the classic coupled setups.

Every project deserves expertise