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Measuring web performance

We are believers of the well-known phrase “performance is a feature”. Performance influences engagement, conversion rates, and should be considered inseparable from the general user experience. Speed is also a ranking factor in Google. On a professional level, we need to take performance optimization seriously while keeping the focus on delivering business value. Without standard metrics and tools, performance optimization can easily become an endless journey in which you can only stop but never reach your destination. Recently, we’ve done a thorough review of our standards, internal goals, and tools to measure web performance.

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WebP - The Right Way and The Wrong Way in Drupal

WebP is the most supported next-generation image format. The average WebP file size is 25%-34% smaller compared to JPEG file size at similar quality. WebP offers all key features, that until now have only been available only through a variety of image formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.

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Drupal behind Amazon Cloudfront

Cloudfront is a global cache for websites. We are using it with the Drupal CMS and in this post we share our experiences about how to set it up, how to debug it, it's strengths and weaknesses and also some common pitfalls.